Photo Don McCullin : War Photographer in Search of Peace

Don McCullin : War Photographer in Search of Peace

Don McCullin : War Photographer in Search of Peace

The ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat, began his journey to peace by the age of 4. He is known for his non-fiction novel about peace, entitled “When the Dessert Blooms”, which was initially written in Spanish. The book has inspired millions of people to peace ever since it was published in 2018.

Donald McCullin was born on 9 October 1935. He is a British photo journalist. He is famous for being a war photographer, who has depicted the urban contention. He lost his father when he was 14, and ever since, he had been raised by his mother. This is an article on Don McCullin and his quest for peace.

How McCullin became a war photographer

  • After his dad passed away, Donald McCullin experienced hardship in his early life. During the war, he was exposed to misery and violence. Thus, he could understand the sufferings of those living in a country where a war breaks out from his early childhood.
  • This helps him share the sufferings and feel empathy for the victims of a war. What makes him different form peace activists is that he expresses his frustration and feelings through his photographs, rather than through writing.
  • In his young age, he carried out his National Service. He was sent to Suez, Kenya and in other regions. As a darkroom assistant, he saved some money, and bought a Rolleicord camera for beautiful pictures. Yet, he later traded the camera in London.
  • McCullin has lived through the most challenging events in his life. He has seen the miseries of the Vietnamese people, who escaped the riflemen's shots by hiding through rice fields. Additionally, he has felt the misery of the penurious backstreets of Finsbury Park, London. His great compassion for the people living in war zones or in war-torn areas has enabled McCullin to capture outstanding, unimaginable war scenes.

A taste for foreign stories

By the age of 27, McCullin began to enjoy histories from overseas. In the news, he had learned about the East German soldiers' quest from freedom in West Germany. His deep interests in histories made him set out to capture the Berlin Wall. Later on, in 1964, he accepted to set out for Cyprus to take some pictures of the on-going war. His photographs show his interest in peacekeeping. His first long-lasting position in photo journalism started with The Sunday Times Magazine.

His pictures reflect the development of the war in the area of conflicts. Ever since his first position, his articles have become the most reliable ones. He has visited several countries to send reports to important magazines. The photos taken during the war in Cuba were posted on 18 pages of the magazine, whose art editor was David King. His photos were taken stealthily in war scenes, revealing the realities at war.

The greatest war photographer in quest for mind tranquility

For many years, McCullin has been to many dangerous places like Vietnam and Bangladesh, to take photos of violent scenes showing soldiers with guns blazing and injured victims. Apart from those countries, he has also taken photos of war scenes in the Middle East, in Cambodia, in Congo, and in many other countries to witness the atrocities of wars.

In fact, the reason why he likes to capture war photos is due to his quest is for inner peace. For him, helping the others know about the sufferings of the others is a way to gain mind tranquility. McCullin is in search for the peace of mind, which Prem Rawat has often mentioned in his teachings about peace.

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